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Rediscover the forgotten flavors in your food

Amazing flavors Start Here

Ecologically friendly food you can feel good about, raised by farmers who care. 


Aerial views of brown and white eggs in cartons.


Imagine eggs with sunny, golden yolks, more Omega 3 fatty acids and a rich flavor that elevates every breakfast and baked good. Learn more about pasture-raised eggs from Forgotten Flavors » 

Wagyu beef cattle on pasture.


Raised with quality forages, access to green pastures and a whole lot of love, Premium Grass-Finished American Wagyu Beef is unlike anything you’ve tasted. Learn more about Wagyu beef from Forgotten Flavors »

pasture-raised Makes a difference

For three generations, the Willenbring family has farmed the 200+ acres of land at Forgotten Flavors Farm. We believe that how your food is raised matters and that educated consumers will choose differently when they know how their choices impact the Earth, the animals and their health.

Forgotten flavors fARM FACTS

generation family farm
3 rd
Eggs per day

We Do things Differently

We practice regenerative farming at Forgotten Flavors. That means we focus on practices that make for happier animals, better food and a healthier planet.

It starts with the pasture

Which came first: The chicken or the egg? It's a trick question! At Forgotten Flavors, the health of the soil in our pastures comes first, resulting in better nutrition and a cleaner planet.

raised with love

Everyone thrives when they're loved and that includes the chickens and cattle at Forgotten Flavors. All of our animals are raised with daily access to fresh air and green pastures.

come see what we do

Feeling disconnected from your food? Visit Forgotten Flavors to see how we do things differently. You'll see what a difference it makes to know your Farmer personally.

Mobile chicken coops

Our chickens are on the move! Every day we move each mobile chicken coop to a fresh bit of pasture so our birds can enjoy fresh plants, grubs, and bugs all day long under the big blue sky.

regenerative farming

Farming doesn't have to hurt the Earth. In fact, regenerative farming can help restore the natural biome, allowing the soil to regenerate naturally, producing healthier crops.

protecting the ecosystem

We believe that farming can heal the planet while putting good food on the table. At Forgotten Flavors we focus on protecting the Earth using industry-leading best practices.


Matthew Willenbring
Farmer Matthew is the third-generation Minnesota farmer behind Forgotten Flavors.